You can break down difficult decisions in two parts:
(a) arriving at the actual decision/solution, which needs facts and creativity, and (b) communicating and executing the decision to various stakeholders in a way that can get action, rather than alienation.

It's rare to have both (a) and (b) difficult simultaneously. i.e, when the solution is obvious, the execution will you put in front of a wall, and at other times, you will struggle to make the right decision, even if all parties are ready to support your decision.

This happens in a dilemma like: "should we increase our sales force or sign-up more channel partners?" or "when should we go for higher margins vs higher sales volume?" In any business, you will face such difficult decisions.

Does the quality of decisions improve with experience? Yes, very much! But that also means making mistakes as you go along. With the Alpha Neuron toolkit designed specially to solve business challenges, you can shave off some mistakes and add them to your list of successful decisions.

Information Sources for our Insights:
Here are some quick insights from our work, at a summary level:

Failure to consider alternatives fully is the most common cause of bad business decisions.

It is financially dangerous to build plans that have little chance for success - but yet is common - especially in cases where the people doing the planning are out of touch with those stakeholders who sponsored the venture or initiative.
Common examples are of this type:

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